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Serenata: A love song in the evening

by: Jennifer Doherty on

Over the last number of years, we've photographed Jennifer's wedding gowns in an abandoned garage, in our studio, on the street and in an ancient hillfort. When Jen asked us to work on a shoot for her newest collection in one of the most historic houses in the northwest of Ireland, we wanted to see if we could develop an idea that really brought together the character of the gown and the location. Still photographs of the finished gowns can help to give a sense of how they look, but moving pictures can bring them to life and convey something more. Being able to see the gown in motion, flowi more

Why Bespoke - Because we're all One of a Kind

by: Jennifer Doherty on

The service you receive from a bridal designer is very different to that offered by an off-the-peg bridal shop. Buying from a shop is simpler and perhaps more straightforward, but for someone looking for a truly special experience and entirely bespoke product, working directly with the designer is the way to go. Your first meeting with your designer is just the beginning of a very rewarding process. Couture designers make exclusive, custom fitted, hand made dresses tailored to each of their clients using high quality, often unusual fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finish o more

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